Porsche Parade

In a brief drive to the store and back, I saw three very nice looking Porsches, and all of them were followed by a police car. I wonder what this means? The Corvette that I also saw was not followed by an officer.


In other news, I didn’t drive my Porsche for about six months because the battery died shortly after the school year had started.  I had no time (or inclination) to get it into the shop.  Eventually, I had it towed and repaired.  And still, Porsche swears that there is no electrical issue — it’s just because I only drive short distances.  The dealer recommended that I get a different type of trickle charger that is specific to high-end vehicles, so I did (that, and my other one broke).  It’s been an amazing change!  My battery is charged all the time now and the car drives like a champ.  It turns out that for $30. on Amazon, I could have avoided all kinds of electrical difficulties!


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