Two Yellow Cars

Slowly, people are learning that I have two yellow cars. I have not really put it out there too much. Those who have seen my new yellow car simply assume that I sold my old one. Nope! Now here’s the thing: I don’t drive either one of them very much. I work 0.5 miles from my house! It’s taken me until now to even get comfortable with the Focus ST, because that turbo really makes acceleration non-linear. I’ve almost launched into a few cars in front of me because the car is so insanely fast for short and often unpredictable periods of time. The Cayman S, on the other hand, is very linear and predictable. It’s fast too, but in a different sort of way: it’s fast over time. The Focus is fast in flashes. These days, if I’m only transporting one other person, I take the Porsche. If it’s two or three, the Ford.

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