Road Trip!

I think Barb and I have found a way to solve the Porsche’s low miles – Road Trips! On a whim, we decided to visit two of our god kids and Barbara’s cousin. The thing is, they are all in Southern California, so for a long weekend, we drove to L.A., San Diego, Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree National Park, Pasadena, San Dimas and back home again, logging in 1400 miles. That’s a lot of miles! I-5 was fun because you could basically go as fast as you wanted to. L.A. too seems to have no speed limits. The average speed down there seems to be around 80 with cars in the fast lane doing 90+. So the thing I learned on this trip is that the Yellow Porsche goes VERY fast with little difficulty. It is certainly not your normal car. On the way home, I had several Lincoln Navigators try to race me. I honestly don’t know what they were thinking, but they all seemed to max out at about 95 MPH. Silly Navigators! Barbara’s Cousin Jerry, a pastor in Yucca Valley, got to take a spin around town in my little car. He said he knew where the two police officers in town were, and we wouldn’t be seeing either of them. He broke many laws and had a great time. It was very therapeutic. Now, I’m not advocating speeding as a rule – it is against the law (And I’ve been very careful not to speed these last six years, though the impulse is always there. What stops me most time is the realization that my car is highly yellow and visible), but darn it, this car was meant to roam and at least for this weekend, it roamed.

car 1 car 2 car 3car 4

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