The cost of maintenance

Recently, I took the car in to get it smogged and because a little wrench showed up on the dash. Even though I have not driven the car much (I’m still under 40K), regularly scheduled maintenance still shows up because every other year, “the car” likes to have its transmission fluid and brake fluid changed because they are both “hydroscopic,” that is, they absorb water over time and become less effective.

As with all things Porsche, it cost a mint to do these two things: smog, and changing fluids. It was basically another $1K, though I did get 10% off with my Porsche discount card. The smog didn’t pass the first time because the battery was too low. I swear, this car has an electrical leak somewhere – I’ve been driving the car for longer periods every time I take it out, and I do occasionally trickle charge it. After Porsche charged the battery, the smog passed just fine and I had a much better running car when I got it back… after three days!

Alas, I just spent another $1K on my blue car (A/C) and $500 on my dog who is near death but refuses to die. It’s been a very expensive month for me!

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