Becoming a part time driver

Now that I’m a full-time teacher, I don’t drive at all – c’mon, I live half a mile from work. It’s quicker and easier to walk and ride my bike. As a result, I have put very few miles on my car(s) in the past two years. How do I know this? I’ve only filled the tank of my blue car four times in two years, and my yellow car twice. I finally had to call my insurance company to tell them that my mileage has gone down to 500 miles a year on the Honda and 200 miles a year on the Porsche. After owning the Honda for 20 years, the car still doesn’t have 100K miles on it and the Porsche only recently went over 40K. These may just be the last cars I ever own!

In other news, I’ve gotten so mellow on my driving (due to lack of driving), that rush hour driving has become stressful. I’m wondering why everyone is so aggressive and selfish. The thing is, I used to be one of them.

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