Day 170 – still hot

Yeah, the first day of summer.  It was supposed to be 100 degrees today.  It sure feels like it.

I was in the office today, chatting with a potential vendor.  Our team was really impressed by their presentation.  I had worked with these guys in the past, and in the past they were less impressive.  Now that they’ve been bought by someone else, they really shine!  My “handler” for company #2 is also the representative for this company.  The look on his face was simply priceless when I walked into the room.  He didn’t know that I was now with company #3.  He must have seen an instant loss of revenue on his part – He gets paid when I work for company #2 (or any other work he finds me), but doesn’t get paid if I work for companies #1 or #3.  Serves him right in a way – I suspect he is using another of his associates (my former, former boss) for company #2’s current layout project… the project that I was supposed to be doing about now.  He was also trying to get my former, former boss a contract position at company #3, but they found me instead (but not through my handler, so I don’t have to pay him part of my earnings… which are zero right now anyway)  Well, now that I’m with company #3, I guess I’m no longer his associate. If he brings me work – unless something changes at company #3 – I will turn him down.

Over the weekend, and possibly even before, for some reason, I kept forgetting to take my routine medicines.  By Sunday, I was having allergy issues, and my stomach was boiling over with acid.  It wasn’t until Sunday evening that I connected the two.  Rarely do I still have allergy issues in June, but this has been a weird year.

Today was also the first spare the air day of the year.  I guess I shouldn’t breathe too deeply.

Day 170 mood: Hot!  It’s hot around here!

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