Day 169 – it’s hot around here!

Day 169

I had to go into the office today to discuss a shift in strategy.  I like the new strategy, but I’m now even more out of my area of expertise than I was on Friday.  In many ways, it will be like going back to college again, except without an instructor – more of a self-study program.  Until we can get a designer (for bipolar chips) in here, I will be the guy modifying designs.  God help us all!

Hey, what do you know, my friend Wes invited my family over for burgers and the use of his pool; perfect on this 95 degree day.  I drove straight to his house from work.  After dinner, I gave his daughter (my goddaughter) another lesson on how to drive a stick shift.  She’s getting better all the time.  Soon she’ll be ready for the streets, rather than a parking lot.

For about a week now, we have been watching Firefly on DVD (I bought the series).  Tonight is episode 6 of 14.  Too bad it was such a short series.  It’s an incredibly good show (which I have seen numerous times) that now my family gets to enjoy.  After we finish that series, we’ll move on to the much larger Battlestar Galactica series (the new one, not the old one).

Day 169 mood: It’s out outside, and not much cooler inside!  Good thing that office has AC.

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