Day 171 – I’m getting my EE through independent study!

Today was all about research.  There are some new technologies out there, and some new materials and some new methods for manufacturing.  I have to get up to date!  Fortunately, a lot of people write “white papers” about these sorts of subjects, so one can learn a great deal quickly.  I felt I learned enough today to talk intelligently about the technologies.  We will no doubt use some, if not all, of these methods/technologies on our newest stuff.

I also continued my search for the perfect fab (wafer manufacturer) today.  They’re out there somewhere, I just haven’t found one yet that is perfect, though a few are close.

Tonight is another stick-shift driving lesson for Brandi.  I believe the plan is to also bring along my son… who may finally get interested in getting his permit.  So far, he doesn’t want to get a license because it would cost him money and he’d have to get a job.  The easiest way to avoid getting a job is by not driving.  He does want to learn how to drive a stick shift though… so he can drive my yellow car, and not so much the blue one.

Day 171 mood: Independent study started today!

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