Day 173 – a new monitor for the home office

When I got home last night, my new monitor was sitting on the table, so I installed it this morning.  It’s really hard to balance the color/brightness with the monitor next to it.  What was my main monitor (a Dell 20”) will now be my auxiliary, and my new main monitor will be a Viewsonic HD LED 24” monitor.  This is the same monitor I got for the office a little over a week ago.

I now have so much surface area for doing layout that I might get a headache.  The white is so bright, and I’ve toned it down even.

My old 17” auxiliary will now go to work to become my auxiliary there.

I also took my car in to the shop today.  It needs a new catalytic converter so it won’t be back until Tuesday.

I didn’t finish my schematic project, as I had hoped, so I guess I’ll be finishing it on Saturday.  It needs to be done by Monday morning.

Day 173 mood: Yeah, a new monitor!

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