Day 180 – life after work no longer

Today is a monumental day – six months since I left my former employer.  As I wandered through this journey, I wondered where I would be in six months, and now that I’m here, things are hopeful and God is good.  Really, I can’t complain at all, and I can really no longer call this blog “Life After Work” because I have found a new job.

Though I haven’t technically signed the document that makes me part of the company (I asked for changes to be made), that document is in existence, and all I have to do is sign it once it is presented to me.  When that happens, I will then officially be employee #4 (or #6, since I didn’t sign right away, but I will be retroactive to #4) in addition to being a partner/owner in this company by way of investment.

My next task will be to make this start-up successful so that the six of us can get paid!  One of the things we all agreed to is that none of us gets paid until next April, so I’m really going to have to save my pennies between now and then.  We already have our first sale, and it looks like we will be profitable by Christmas, so things appear to be on track.

Day 180 mood: Yeah!  I think I’ll continue my blog, but under a new name, and maybe/hopefully start doing those Bible Study blogs I used to do so long ago.

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