Day 163 – My happiness is fighting my migraine

Sort of a mixed bag today, though on the whole, good.  Yesterday, I finalized a process environment for the new process within my selected free layout tool.  Today, I would need to create an environment for the old process.  It was pretty easy, even without a design manual.  Good news!  While learning this new tool, I ran into something the tool couldn’t do, so I went to the online manual to see if there was a work-around.  The manual said that the command existed… because there is a new release of the software.  The new software is a whole lot better – reasonable even.  I have definitely found my short-term solution tool.  Thank-You Jesus!  None of my environment creation time has been wasted!

My migraine (from yesterday) was indeed a migraine.  I didn’t get to bed until 1:30 last night; taking migraine meds at 1AM when things started to get bad.  At least I got to finish off a book while waiting for the medication to kick in.  Throughout the day today, the pain was still there, though in the background.  It’s manageable, but far from over.

I also set up my new docking station and a 24” HD monitor at work – plenty of real estate to do layout!

Day 163 mood: My happiness is fighting my migraine.

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