2012 East Coast Trip – Day 26 (Lake Day 16)

The morning was spent sanding our wood projects.  Jeffrey and I did a lot of sanding!  Towards the end of this, Barbara and Courtney decided to take the kayaks out and go on a long ride.

Barb and Courtney on kayaks

Jeffrey and I decided to do the lawn so grandma and grandpa wouldn’t have to.  Taking care of a one acre back yard with fences and trees is a big job!  Jeffrey weed-whacked; I used the hand mower to get the edges and trees then used the riding mower to get the rest.  It took us two hours – about as long as it took the girls to do their kayak trip.  Meanwhile, a boat repairman was fixing my dad’s speedboat.  Everything came together about 1PM, so we decided to try the boat out by going to “The Swiss,” a restaurant on the lake at the far side of the bluff.  As was the case yesterday, the lake was choppy, but not quite as choppy as yesterday (only 1 – 2.5 foot swells today).  Since this was a speedboat, we went fast.  I’ll tell you, there is nothing like feeling the spray of the boat while getting air force-fed into your nostrils as the wind pushes off the scant windshield at 45ish MPH (the lake’s legal speed limit these days – the boat will do 70 on flat water).  As we hit the bluff, we had to slow down because the waves were too much.  I was on the far left of the boat, the windward side that day, so I got all the spray.  My left side was drenched by the time we arrived.  The food as always was good.  On the way back, my mom drove (slowly), which may have been worse than driving a bit faster.  With so much weight in the boat, the front end was lifting a lot and we were rocking all over the place.  Everyone got wet.  We found a less wavy spot on the side of the lake and mom sped up.  Aah, much better!  In the evening we did laundry and packed.  We’re leaving tomorrow in the early morning.

Courtney and her mermaid outfit (which she made herself)

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