An expensive day

Someone stop me before I kill my dog.  My wife is working out in the garden and the bunnies are out so my dog is at the back door whimpering and barking.  It is one of the most annoying sounds in the whole world and it penetrates closed doors.

Today was an expensive day; my wife took her van in for an inspection.  We haven’t had it serviced in four years, and for a few months now, there has been this yellow service light on the dash reminding us of this fact.  Nearly everything made of rubber is broken (belts, hoses, tires, motor mounts).  It’s going to cost us $3K.  Hey, at least we get a “free” rental car for a couple of days while they do the repairs.

Now that I’m back in California, I’m beginning to “find myself” again.  I got my finances in order and I’m unpacked; that’s a good start.  Now I’m trying to figure out what I should be doing to make money.  I can say that I’ve been employed for the last year, It sure had the look and feel of regular employment, but since we didn’t make any money in our little start-up venture (lost a lot of money in fact), it’s really no different than being unemployed from a financial point of view.  I want to try the consulting route first if I can… or change careers if I can make enough money at it (which seems unlikely).  Currently, there appears to be no shortage of regular layout jobs, but I’m not interested in something persistent at the moment.  I’d rather “consult” myself into a decent job as a run-in-the-mill employee if the price is right.  Until then, I like the pay and the flexibility that comes from consulting.  Or I could win the lottery and retire.

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