Yeah, Olympics

Today would be “clean the garage day.”  It was also my Wednesday morning breakfast with the lads, so I got the Porsche out and went to breakfast.  While I was away, a friend of ours (the one who stayed at our house while we were on vacation) called and said that her car had broken down.  She and her family represented four VBS helpers who could not be missed, so my wife went to get them in our Honda rental car.  The kids rode bicycles to church.  This actually worked out great because all this leaving in different directions cleared out the garage so we could work.  The work was pretty dusty, but we threw away a fair amount of stuff, sent even more to Goodwill, and created “themes.”  Now, the things we need won’t be found in three different places.  Barb and I were very happy with the results.  Also during the day, we grabbed a friend’s car (she’s on vacation in Chicago) to drive to church so our other friend could drive home.  We then took the rental to the Honda dealer and picked up Barbara’s van.  The dealership had washed the outside and scrubbed the inside.  Now that’s customer service!  I would expect this treatment at the Porsche dealer, but not the Honda dealer.  Barbara keeps eyeing that Honda Fit – perhaps we will both end up with one.

Yeah, today starts the Olympics (preliminary).  Jeffrey and I watched three women’s soccer matches, and then cooked dinner (Teriyaki chicken and rice).

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