The End of the Latest Blog Series

Now that I’m back from vacation and VBS is done at church, I now realize that I am once again looking at another radical change in my life.  Change happens — you can either fight it or embrace it.  I like the familiar, but the last couple of years have taught me not to fear change.  I’ve been OK with it; at times I have even embraced it.  After one year, my start-up company is dead.  There have been talks of creating a new one.  After thinking about it, I have no interest (though I might still help those who want to continue on a very part-time basis).  God is sending me in a new direction: Teaching.  Strangely enough, I am qualified to teach at a Community College now.  I lack the in-class teaching experience most colleges require, but I have the right degree.  To teach at the High School level, I’m looking at 2-3 years of study.  To teach at a University, I’m looking at 3-6 years of study.  And while my preference is to teach at the Community College level, to do so, I would almost certainly have to move.  There are no Community College openings available where I live (and the ones around here require a PhD — they have higher standards for a more educated community).  Barb and I are OK with moving, but with one kid in his Senior year of High School, this would not be the best year.  If I pursue a single subject credential, I have a very good chance of teaching here in the Bay Area.  I can then keep an eye out for Community College openings in the area.  I am OK with three more years of study.  I like the academic life.  I could even go for my PhD and teach at the University level.  I’m sure I would have a great time, but I would be 55 when I got out.  I doubt people would hire me.  At least while pursuing a Single Subject teaching credential, I can still do layout contract work and, more importantly, I can substitute teach and gain teaching experience.  Why am I telling you all this?  Because after today, I’m declaring this “start-up” chapter in my life to be over.  I’m doing something new, and along with that declaration comes a new blog:  The New Thing.

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