I came across a website today that uses a “global fat scale” to compare your weight with your country’s average and the rest of the world.


According to this, I am 99% fatter than the average American and 100% fatter than the mean for the world.  I’m fat!  I’m way fatter than the average Micronesian (the fattest people on earth).  I would have to lose 84 pounds just to be considered average for America (and America is the 7th fattest country in the world).  If I wanted to achieve the world average, I’d need to lose another 30 pounds beyond that.  To reach the average for Bangladesh (the lightest people on earth), I would have to lose another 36 pounds… and I’d probably die in the process (150 pounds lost total).

I am in the process of losing weight right now, thanks to a renewed push towards a healthy lifestyle.  I’ve lost 16 pounds so far, but getting to the American “average” means I still have a long way to go.  Really, I’d just like to see the other side of 200 pounds again in my lifetime  I haven’t seen that since 1990!  My excessive weight is already leading me towards an early grave, and my wife doesn’t like that one bit.