This is more of a random happening than a random thought…

So my son, Jeffrey, and I were joking about giving our dog a Mohawk because it’s time to give him his summer shave.  We tried to do this last year, but we were not too successful – no one noticed.  This year, we thought we’d make the Mohawk pink, and we were wondering if a salon would do the work.  Well, while we were talking about this, my daughter, Courtney, must have overheard us because she went outside and promptly “colored” our dog using food coloring.  When the dog came in, all his white parts were blue (formerly a gray and white dog).

At first I was worried about the permanence of food coloring – would it get all over everything?  Courtney’s fingers were blue, and so was her spaghetti by the middle of dinner (which she eats sans sauce, and with her fingers).  The dog however, didn’t leave any noticeable marks on floors or walls.  Three days later, he’s still blue.

Yesterday, Courtney also put a blue smiley face on the rear of her bunny and a star on the bunny’s forehead.  I’m sure Jeffrey’s bunny is making fun of my daughter’s bunny as we speak.

We’ve been calling our dog (Rudy) Blue, Aqua Pup & Grandpa Smurf.