Jun 042011

Be Prepared
Mark 13

As Jesus and his followers are leaving the temple, one of the followers notes how lovely the temple stones look. This innocent remark sets off a monologue by Jesus. Jesus saw the future of those stones and the future of His followers.  Neither looked pretty.

Jesus saw the future of those stones and the future of His followers. The stones would be destroyed and scattered until not one was standing on another. This would happen in 70 AD when the Romans destroyed the temple.

The followers would soon be without their leader, and Jesus knew that too. He told them about the end of the world and what might happen in the in between time (our time). He warned them not to follow the many false prophets who would claim to be Him. Wars, famine and death would occur; Christians would be persecuted; betrayal would be everywhere, yet these would only be a prelude to the coming tribulation. The end times would be the worst, but Christians who stood firm would be rewarded.

Jesus has already told us the ending. All we have to do is look for the signs that He has already mentioned in the Bible. And always watch. Be vigilant. Don’t miss out on Christ’s second coming because you weren’t aware. Jesus knew He was running out of time, so these last words of advice had to be important.  Jesus’ disciples were persecuted for their beliefs, yet they were ever watchful. Only John survived long enough so he could write the book of Revelations — the last word about the last days. Two thousand years later, we’re still waiting, but are we watching? Do we have the conviction to stand firm should these last days occur during our lifetime? If Jesus came today, would you be ready? Do you know the signs?

No one knows when Jesus is returning (DO NOT listen to anyone who says otherwise).  As the Boy Scouts say: Be Prepared. Read your Bible, pray every day, commune with other Christians and discuss these things. Be a part of God’s work so He’ll recognize you when He comes. The end is nearer than you think.

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