Jun 042011

When are you guys going to get it right?
Mark 12:18-27

Still in the temple, some Sadducees now approached Jesus.  These guys were much like the Pharisees, who had just left, except that they did not believe in a resurrection (life after death, or the resurrection of the Messiah).  Why then would they ask Jesus about a resurrection?  Yep, it had to be some sort of a trap.

This question was about a woman whose husband had died, and they had no offspring.  In Hebrew tradition, the next brother in line would marry the childless widow so the widow could have children (who would take care of her in her old age – think of it as a Biblical retirement plan).  This particular widow went through seven brothers who all left her childless, then she too died.  The question to Jesus was this: “So, to whom will she be married after she is raised up?”  A modern day translation of Jesus’ response might go something like this:  “Are you that clueless?  You don’t understand the Scriptures or the power of God at all!  No one is married in heaven, but will instead live like angels.  There is no marriage between souls in heaven because no offspring are produced in heaven.  And regarding the resurrection thing, which you don’t even believe; how did you miss THAT in the scriptures?  Didn’t you read where God said to Moses that He IS the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Ex 3:6); three patriarchs who were very much dead on earth at the time God spoke to Moses?  There was no past tense in that statement.  Abraham, Issac and Jacob were alive with God in heaven!  Their bodies had perished, but their souls rose up to heaven.  THEY WERE RESURRECTED!  God is not the God of the dead, but the God of the living.  You guys really missed the boat here.”  The Sadducees probably wanted to kill Jesus too at this point.  For once, they agreed with the Pharisees.  Hey, that’s progress.  Jesus wasn’t making any friends on this day, but it wasn’t His fault, the Sadducees and the Pharisees didn’t want to hear the truth.

Truth is, God is very much alive today.  He is not a God of the dead, nor has He gone away.  Our God does not sleep.  He loves us so much that he not only knows our names, but how many hairs we each have on our head (in my case, an ever decreasing number).  God still reigns supreme in heaven.  Wouldn’t you like to meet Him some day “like an angel?”  I sure would.  Give Him your heart today!  Let Him be the God of your life.

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